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Writing to inspire others: Shanel Chalmers

Shanel Chalmers is an upcoming author who has written 2 book to help and inspire others.

Her first poetry book "Hidden Lives" named after the support group that she attends Hidden Lives is all about hidden disabilies.

Have you developed a hidden disability? Are you finding it hard to express how you feel or the pain you are in? Do you wish there was a book you could give family members or friends that would help them understand what your going through? - Google Books

All proceeds from her first book are donated to Hidden Lives to help them continue the service they supply to those with hidden disabilies.

During the lockdown:

Shanel Chalmers release a second poetry book called Positivity Through Isolation: Poems to Encourage Positive Ways of Thinking about Isolation

Is the isolation getting you down? Do you need a pick-me-up? Want to send a gift to a friend who could do with cheering up? Then this is the book Positivity for you.' Through Isolation' is a collection of poems that focuses on the positives of the isolation experience. With themes including nature and self-development, this collection encourages us to look differently at how we perceive our current situation - Google Books

Shanel's second book has been rated highly be her readers as the element that helped them keep calm during the pandemic.

Shanel has been nominated (for the work she has done towards Hidden Lives) for one of the Community Volunteer of the Year Awards - Follow the link if you know someone that deserves to be nominated.

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