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Unusual things in Plymouth available on Facebook market place

We have all search Facebook market place for pre-loved goods when we cant get them in the shops or delivery is going to take too long.

Here are some of the unusual items we found in Plymouth on 11th October 2020.

We'll include the links, in case they are still available, and you might want them!

Wooden Barrels


This listing is for bulk orders of 40 gallon whisky barrels. These barrels make great garden features. Bulk orders as follows:

8 barrels delivered £280 [£35 per barrel]

16 barrels delivered £520 [£32.50 per barrel]

24 barrels delivered £720 [£30 per barrel]

32 barrels+ £28 per barrel.

Click Here for the original Listing

FREE Bath Tubs

Do you have a use for 2x used bath tubs?

Maybe to build a small pond in your garden?

Well today is your lucky day, here are 2 for FREE.

Click here for the original listing.

Tazmanian Devil Garden Ornament

Love looney toons?

Love TAZ?

You're going to love this and at a steady price of £45

Click Here for the original listing.

Worry Hand

From what we can see from the working on this item

The light changes if you are stress free?

Maybe this is a great addition to your home or workplace?

Click here for the original listing

Train Set

6 x 4 DC railway layout In good condition.

As photos. With 1 single and 1 double transformer for 2 circuits and one separate siding. Lots of detail.

All working but may need some TLC (track cleaning etc) as not used for some time.

Larger engines can derail on points shown in separate picture so may need these refitting (ok with smaller locos).

All track on main running lines nickel silver and some on sidings are steel. Nice layout and pretty much ready to go. Can be stored in its side if necessary.

Will need a van probably as wider than average car and wouldn’t recommend putting on roof rack.

Need trains? Will be selling some of these to downsize, just ask. 😊 Collection only

Click Here for original listing

Have you spotted an unsual listing on facebook market place? Let us know at

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