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Trevi - Where Life Begins

When a woman has reached a tough crossroads or crisis, the Trevi compassionate and expert team will provide the treatment and strength to help her break free, giving her a fresh start in life. Their vision is for a society where all women in recovery can access good quality, psychologically informed, gender-based interventions without apology.

Trevi is in its 30th year of helping vulnerable women and children. It is a lifeline for those who need help and support.

Trevi's services include;

  • Jasmine Mother's Recovery - A dedicated and expert team that work with mums to help them into addiction recovery and to be the best mum possible. 84% of the women that are a part of Jasmine successfully detox and 9 out of 10 children get to stay with their mum.

  • Sunflower Women's Centre - Providing vulnerable women with support packages including accredited training, group work, counselling, creative therapies, drop-in women’s space, parenting support, peer mentoring and much more. Sunflower supports over 700 women annually.

  • Daffodil Family Centre - Daffodil offers a strengths-based assessment, helping parents to address the complex and often longstanding underlying issues that will have interrupted safe parenting techniques. With 24/7 supervision and monitoring, Daffodil’s multidisciplinary team supports parents to identify what changes they need to make in order to keep their child safe.

  • The Southwest Women’s Spark Project aims to prevent women with multiple disadvantages being affected by violence and abuse; ultimately achieving a better-quality of life. This will be accomplished through 24/7 support by delivering a wrap-around, outreach programme incorporating trauma-informed Assertive Outreach Practitioners, fast-track access to women-only supported accommodation, practical and therapeutic support, and a violence prevention programme in schools.

Trevi also provides extensive training for women and professionals alike.

Blossom Appeal

The Blossom Appeal will fund a new, safe, trauma-informed women-only accommodation based in the centre of Plymouth, known as Blossom Women’s House. Blossom will be the place where women can find rest, peace and security and take positive steps in their journey of recovery from trauma and abuse. Trevi need to raise £615,000 so they are able to secure a property, decorate it and furnish as needed. There is a huge deficit of women-only accommodation in the city for those who need to escape domestic violence and exploitation, so this project is absolutely needed. There are many ways you can help; by donating directly, fundraising events such as the half-marathon, women's warrior walk or by sky-diving like some of the Trevi employees and volunteers are doing! Links will be provided at the bottom.

Trevi does amazing work in every way and I had the pleasure of joining 3 of the Spark volunteers last night. Tammy, Kerry and Tabby were extremely welcoming and knowledgable. Their care and compassion for these vulnerable women is highly admirable. I am looking forward to myself becoming a Spark volunteer and hopefully providing the same care and support these fabulous ladies give.

Please take some time to look at the Trevi website and see what it is all about.

For donations please click here;

Blossom Appeal donations;

All information taken from and was correct at the time of publishing.

Michelle Walsh

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