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The solution?, or just rubbish.

What is one of the biggest problems in Society today, surely it has to be " flytipping " , and general rubbish, simply strewn over the back lanes of the U.K ,and in the Community in general, but there maybe a solution to satisfy all parties.

The Covid pandemic, has had an effect on ALL area's of society, and sadly one of the main areas effected is rubbish removal ( Late/ no rubbish collection ), which increases waste, and the growth in the population of rats, but Omnium Radio's own DJBurlee, may have the solution.

Now the answer is here!, what we all need at the back of our houses, are plastic / or eco friendly , lockable units. Which could be provided, by our council along with the usual green and brown bin. This solves many problems, and is such a simple idea, also surely the cost of the units, would be a lot cheaper on the public purse than constant rubbish removal.

We totally understand the anger from people who see rubbish in lanes, We are not talking about a single piece of wood, but the mattress you see up against the wall; and bad as this is, we also have to remember some people may be on universal credit and simply cannot afford to have it removed.

To be clear we are not saying it is right to dump rubbish in any form, but in some cases do understand the issues behind why an individual would do so.

The lockable plastic/eco unit solves the following problems.

  1. It is multi use, for example, you could use it to lock your green and brown bins in, which solves 2 problems, reduces rats routing in your rubbish, as if its locked up they are shut out.Also you would always know where your bin in, as they do go missing.

  2. And also you could use it to store any items that would appear in lanes, thus keeping the lanes clean and fresh and keeping everyone happy, as let's be honest, know one wants to see a rubbish tip every day. Its a literal win, win, on all levels.

  3. Maybe also we could get the younger people in the community involved, who could paint them , or do some nice pictures, which gives a sense, of well being, which is so important to get in our young people.

We feel that the above solution would solve ALL THE ISSUES, regarding rubbish and rats etc, and its a great way to showcase Plymouth, as a truly forward thinking city.

Let's get behind this , and speak to the council and our community leaders to make it happen, Lock it up, and keep it clean ! :)

if you have any information regarding this article or wish to submit a photo for use, please email

(Image: Clean Our Patch CIC)

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