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Plymouth's Oldest running LGBT+ venue under fire by locals

If you live in or visit Plymouth and are part of the LGBT+ community you most certainly would know about the swallow and it's inherent reputation with in the LGBT+ community of Plymouth.

This week social media has taken a big boom towards the venue following a small protest outside the once popular venue.

(Image: Alan Willetts)

The protest was performed by 6 individuals of which some members identify as either Trans, Gender Neutral or Gender Fluid.

Reports on social media suggest that the locals are no longer happy with the environment that the current management have allowed to conjure over the past months / years.

The venues Facebook page has been hit hard with reviews from members of the community.

One reviewer wrote:

''I’d love to say that bigotry has no place in the Plymouth LGBT+ scene. But it does. And it’s called The Swallow. The venue continues to support xenophobic members of the community and , when met with a peaceful protest, will get aggressive and not listen. I used to love this pub, but it’s now a safe haven for hate''

This backlash from the public has arisen after a situation occurred within the venue involving a member of staff and one of the protesters.

It's reported that an inappropriate comment was made, and when a complaint was issued, the staff became volatile towards the individual.

Claims of the member of staff assaulting the customer have also be reports.

It's unaware of police are dealing with this situation.

We have contacted the venue and are currently waiting for a response.

(Image: Trace Jared-Davis)

Earlier in the year Plymouth held a trans-equality demonstration in the town centre.

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