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Plymouth Flooded: Flash Floods Hit Plymouth

It's crazy to think that in just 30 or so minutes the whole atmosphere in an area can change!

The MET office issued a warning for rain to Devon & Cornwall around 11:00am this morning, but we were not expecting this!

(Images: Julie Corcutt)

Several areas of Plymouth are now flooded after the short down poor of heavy rain

At around 2:00pm today the heavens opened and unleashed a shed load of rain on Plymouth, causing flooding up and down the city.

If you wish to visit Crownhill fort today, you had better take your wellies to get in.

(Images: Crownhill Fort)

This next video show the sheer amount of water flowing down the rains: in a lower part of Stonehouse's the drains turn into fountains with the sheer pressure from the water coming from up the hill! Can they cope?

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