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Omnium Radio 2023: Summary

Updated: Jan 27

What a year we've had! We celebrated our 5th Birthday and commenced the beginning of our 6th year operating as a community radio station within Plymouth. Let's take a look at what we have been up to throughout 2023, and the plans we have for 2024.

During 2023 we have continued our mission that anyone can do radio and have continued to help those living with additional needs to grow with in the industry and delivery their own LIVE radio shows. But as many of you all now, We are not just a radio station! We are a community. We love to embrace the general public and build relationships within the local community.

January: Throughout December 2022 and January 2023 we supplied daily hot meals for those in needed especially those who were waiting in line for the food back based in the Oasis Centre next door to our studio.

May: Due to having a full schedule on Omnium Radio and a waiting list for members had been created, we decided to launch our sister radio station called Janner Radio

July: We relaunched our disco night for those who live with additional needs. These take place every Thursday evening at Cafe Momus between 6pm until 8pm.

October: We held our AGM where we introduced and formed our very first member led committee who will work along side the directors of Omnium Radio to help improve the organisation, what we deliver and improve on our growth in order to deliver more with in the community.

December: Omnium Radio & Cafe Momus opened up their doors on Christmas day to supply a FREE Christmas dinner for those who would normally be alone on Christmas day.

We also attended many community and fundraising events in and around Plymouth such as: Plymouth Pride, Janner Aid, Freedom Fields Festival and LOVE Summer.

What do we have in the pipeline for 2024?

  1. Janner Radio will be going DAB

  2. Plans to launch a Plymouth based Rock Music Radio Station

  3. Omnium Radio will continue to help people with additional needs to become radio show presenters

  4. Continue to deliver the Disco Nights

  5. Continue to help promote local music and musicians

  6. Attend more community events

Do you want to be involved with Omnium Radio CIC? Get in contact with us become a member, present your own radio show, get involved with the other projects and much more.

We wish everyone a very happy new year! BRING ON 2024

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