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Multiple Stabbings on Albert Road (Plymouth)

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Update: 03:12

a suspect has been arrested and being held with the possible charge of attempted murder.

(Image: Charlotte Vinue)

Update: 23:57

It's been reported that:

2x people were run over by a vehicle

3x people stabbed

In this horrific attack.

All victims are on their way to hospital now.

Reports have come in that multiple Stabbings have accounted just hours ago in Albert Road in Stoke.

It's reported 3 victims are "on the floor" with paramedics attending the scene.

Reports have been told that a police helicopter is circling the area.

It's unconfined but whitnesses have said the suspect has been caught by the authorities.

If you have any information about this incodent please contact

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