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Keeping it local: Attention grabbing refurb of Plymouth's iconic music venue

The Nowhere Inn which is one of Plymouth's more popular LIVE music venues has undergone a drastic change.

Know by and sought after by many rockers and metal fans around the city, the Nowhere Inn over the years has grabbed the attention and loyalty of many late night punters due to their affordable prices and chilled out atmosphere.

Matty Downing lead singer of Rebel 47, a popular local band took over running The Nowhere Inn prior to lockdown and managed to keep the spirits of alive during that tough time.

The venue that now dons an bright yellow and black exterior is un-missable from the street tucked away between the student accommodation on North hill compared to before as illustrated in this painting that can be seen when you visit the venue.

The difference in appearance of The Nowhere In is remarkable and really brings the venue to life. But that's the outside. The inside is equally as satisfying.


The Nowhere Inn's catch phrase go nowhere be nobody I believe to be in reference to anyone is welcome with no judgement and Matty enforces a strong no description policy and always has an open door for anyone from and race, gender or sexuality.

The venue before wasn't best known for toilet quality after years of neglect before Matty took over running the bar, but you'll be glad to know that this has been rectified with brand new bathrooms fitted, we couldn't resist a toilet selfie.

Writing on the walls, just like The Minerva on The Barbican having historic writing on the walls, The Nowhere Inn was also well known for its toilet wall writing, which was unfortunately lost during the refurbishment. We were lucky enough to be one of the first people to contribute into that tradition in the new toilets, and of course we took that opportunity to advertise Omnium Radio.

We also nearly forgot to mention.... The Pot Noodle machine, getting peckish on a night out is always a kill-joy but they've got you covered... And with out question, Bombay Bad Boy is on the menu!

Check out The Nowhere Inn on Facebook for details about any upcoming gigs (that are always, except special occasions, free to enter) that are coming up.


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