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Domea favour! Eat Chocolate!

Nicholas Kittle prepping the heart chocolates (Image: Omnium Radio)

Everyone loves chocolate, right?

Well this is the place to go and check out in Plymouth.

Nicholas Kittle who founded Domea Favour. found his passion for chocolate when experimenting with creating wedding favours, this soon grew, and before he knew it, he was making favours for wedding all across Plymouth.

He was originally taught to temper chocolate when working at the famous Island Hotel.

Since founding Domea favour in 2014 nicks passion for chocolate and confectionary, so has his business.

In 2019, he gave up his Chef's career of 20 years to concentrate on improving the Domea Favour business.

Domea Favour has now opened a small shop in Royal William Yard hidden away just around the water's edge next to Wagamama. Just simply look for the milk urn outside.

In the quirky little store you can find a variety of chocolate goodies, such as:

  • Hot Drinks (including Hot Chocolate, of course)

  • Vegan Items (Brownies are to die for)

  • Chocolate quirks (Shoes ect...)

  • Chocolate delights (Mousse Cups ect...)

  • Pick your own selection box

  • Selection of Chocolate bars

  • Chocolate boxes (literally)

Nicholas has told us that ''Brownies are flying off the shelf as quick as I can make them truffles and chocolates are equally popular due to the diversity of clientele at The Royal William Yard, each are selling out daily''

It goes to show that hard work and determination; goes a long way!

Have you tried his treasures? Let us know in the comment box below!

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