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Dog Friendly American Style Diner opens in Plymouth City Center

Dimpsy's Diner based on Mayflower Street in Plymouth City Center (a few doors down from Iceland) opened on June 22nd 2023, is an American themed diner that allows the four legged friend to come with you.

They even have Doggo Ice-Cream which was tried and tested by the amazing Charlie Dog. And He LOVED IT.

Their menu which is made up from all the american classics such as hot dog melts, burgers, tater tots, classic crinkle fries, waffles, sundaes and much more.

Dimpsy's Diner has already received such raving reviews on their social media which customers stating things such as:

Totally awesome food and owners and staff beyond 5+*
Just had a fantastic meal! Great menu choice, beautifully decorated and a lovely atmosphere. Friendly staff too! Will definitely be back

Photo From: Dimpsy's Diner

Trace, Angel, Martin & Charlie Dog visited Dimpsy's on 12th August 2023 for a luncheon and we too loved it.

The food arrived in a timely manner, piping hot, and considerably bigger and more filling than we all expected.

We treated ourselves to:

The Smokin' Dog - Hot Dog topped with BBQ Brisket, Garlic Mayo and Crispy Onions

The Cheese Dog - Hot Dog topped with Mac'n'Cheese and Crispy Onions

The Original Chicken Burger - Buttermilk Fried Fillet with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

along with a side of tater tots and crinkle fries.

Now to your surprise the restaurant is completely caters for people that live with dairy intolerance due to their entire menu is Vegan based and neither of us that visited that day including Charlie Dog are vegan, but we still love the advances of modern day vegan catering and the flavours that come with vegan catering that does not occur with mainstream diets.

for more details about their menu and services visit their website.

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