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Unusual things for sale on Facebook market place episode 2

Facebook marketplace can be a plethora of things that are for sale in your local area.

Some things are amazing and very popular and wanted by many, others not so much, more bizzare, uncommen or just... Well.... We'll let you decide for yourself.

If you find yourself in need of a barrel for what ever reason you can grab one for just £65. Bargain!

Perhaps you're a fan of kiwi's 🥝 and need something to prop up your feet whilst relaxing in the garden?

Do you want to build a swing in your garden? There's a tyre just for you!

Welcome to the jungle... Maybe you have a jungle themes room that need that extra touch with these cushions?

SMILE!!!! Not quite sure what you would use a smiley face bottle for but, what ever it is is sure to lighten your mood.

Now this last one I think are actually quite cute a set of musical chimps. Would they suit your home, office or studio?


Check out some of the random things that people were trying to sell on Facebook before in our last article.


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