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3-2-gum! go :(

It is utterly horrible, wherever you go whether it be Plymouth or anywhere else in the U.K, you will see the pictures below.

That's right chewing gum everywhere. :(

And so what I hear you cry, this like everything else, costs money to remove/clean up. As the link below will show us. Click here for gum costings

So I thought I would, take a walk around Plymouth and see how bad the problem really is, the picture I took, was quite shocking.

I spoke to a Plymouth resident whilst out, who said:

" it is a huge issue in Plymouth, and makes are City look cheap and unkempt''

and suggested maybe some form of " gum bin "? to put used gum into?.

Also, you may not think it, but you can be fined, for spitting gum out onto the pavement, click here to find out more.

I was amazed to see that " gum bins " do actually exist, something I was totally unaware of, whilst investigating this subject.

I have not seen any gum bins in Plymouth, but if they exist please send us your pictures of them and their location, so we can see which areas need them, if they don't exist in Plymouth, maybe contact the Council to get them installed in our City Council.

However, if the council won't install them if needed, how about we turn it into art?. As seen in the image below, let us know your views.

(Image: Ben Wilson)

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